SIW attorneys have handled a variety of litigation matters in the areas of intellectual property and information technology. Our intellectual property experience includes numerous claims of misappropriation of trade secrets or other confidential information, which we have handled and resolved both on behalf of employers and employees.  Our partners have also published in the field.

We have considerable experience over the last two decades in resolving disputes over information technology, particularly in the area of large enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementations.  We have drafted and negotiated contracts for these multi-million dollar projects and negotiated settlements over disputes that arise in these complicated projects.  When necessary, we have sucessfully represented implementation consultants in jury trials and arbitrations concerning the respective rights and responsibilities of users and implementation consultants in an ERP project.  For example, we successfully represented an implementation consultant in a two-week jury trial in federal court, who not only recovered for unpaid services but also was awarded its legal fees and costs.  Our experience includes implementations for both private and public sector users.

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